Washington State Parks

Reflecting the Northwest through a brand refresh.

11 weeks
Illustrator / Photoshop / Indesign / After Effects / Figma
Frankie Ostello / Heather Manning Lyria Shaffer-Bauck / Roderick McClain / Clayton Christopherson
Branding / Illustration / Layout / Motion Design / Product Design

ChallengeWashington State Parks majorly relies on park passes and donations. While there is room for potential growth, the organization faces several more modern competitors in outdoor recreation; meanwhile, their current brand identity comes off as antiquated across various media. 
How might we refresh the brand in a way that inspires individuals to choose Washington State Parks over other options—increasing the revenue necessary to continue to preserve these lands? 

SolutionCreate a cohesive brand that uplifts and modernizes Washington State Parks. New guidelines would include a suite of assets intended for various media channels with proper use cases, which accurately depicts the core values of Washington State Parks.

Research and Positioning

To begin, Frankie Ostello, Lyria Schaffer, Clayton Christopherson, Roderick McClain, Heather Manning and I researched the brand to establish history, competitors, and audience. With a shared understanding of the brand's background and who we were designing for, we identified the core attributes associated with Washington State Parks as: Accessibility, Education, and Preservation.
Furthermore, our team defined the brand’s positioning, promise, and mission. With this first phase done and identity established, we set off to work individually.


Through word association and careful consideration of the core attributes, I developed the brand concept “A Natural Connection.” This concept highlights how we connect to the northwest and the community building that results from our bond to nature. Different aspects of the brand’s core attributes translated to this concept boardwhich relies on natural textures, hand-touched elements, and a mid-range to grandiose photographic style. 



Now that the brand was coming to life, I solidified the kit of parts with type, color, illustration, textures, and photography style for use across all assets. These attributes had to be defined to ensure alignment with the brand’s core identity and reinforce consistency.

Touch to expand

ReflectionOne of the most significant benefits of this project was practicing conceptual intentionality behind every decision. Spending the time to attune to Washington State Parks core identity and constructing a concept that translates to every aspect of the brand proved to be a powerful method and served as a reminder that nothing is created in a vacuum.