Un-gendered deodorant for every body.

5 weeks
Illustrator / Photoshop
Blender / Figma
Catlin René
Branding / Illustration
Layout / Package Design

ChallengeThe personal care industry has long been dominated by conglomerates that offer unnecessarily gendered products, especially in the way of deodorant. Although there is a rise in gender-fluid body care product lines, options specific to underarm care are simultaneously vast and limited, saturating the market with products that don't meet the needs of all consumers.

SolutionWe created a contemporary deodorant that considers user pain points and values into a product design intended for everybody and their widely varied individual needs. 

Competitive Anaylsis

Our research began by analyzing the existing body-care market while focusing on deodorants. We discovered many un-gendered underarm products; however, most had a limited selection, available online only.

User Research

We conducted a survey to gain insight into people's habits, preferences, and pain points. Of the 50 people surveyed, we found that:

are conflicted about
supporting companies that
don't align with their values.
are willing to try
a new deodorant.
are using deodorant
in a stick format.

One of the other key insights we found is that people are primarily motivated to buy based on scent, meaning they will purchase deodorants regardless of how it is gendered. Otherwise, they are not looking to mask their natural smell but would like something that performs well. In addition to this survey, we conducted several interviews. From this, we synthesized our data into two user personas:


With an understanding of user needs and preferences in mind, we determined that our brand's attributes were Fun, Human, and Outspoken. Based on these attributes, we established a mood board, type, and iterated on a logo.


There were a few key factors to consider in our approach to designing Bo. Our key differentiator was presenting as many options as possible without overwhelming consumers. Otherwise, Bo's unique personality needed to translate across all other media.

We decided on a biodegradable push-tube in four scents, with each available in varying levels of intensity. To reduce packaging, scent levels are indicated by a transparent sticker on the lid.

Point of Purchase
Since many of those surveyed prefer buying body care products in a traditional retail space, we also had to consider how to display a point of purchase display.

Mailers with scratch n' sniff stickers, featuring respective scents.

Bo's personality needed to be properly translated across various media channels. We designed with people in mind, so our photography style highlights real folks while keeping it personable.

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